Hi-tech padded bag


Product Description
Hi-tech padded bag = Protect your goods:

1. Recyclable and environmentally friendly.
2. Waterproof and insectproof.
3. Tear resistant and durability.
4. Very light and save on postage cost.
5. The coated surface on the outside of the Envelopes provides an extremely uniform and easily printable surface, the characteristics not previously available in the market place.
6. Special seal tape provides strong adhesive ability.

The padded bags are made from a combination of polyethylene bubble cell and polypropylene film. The inside layer of the “KingLife” bag is lined with polyethylene bubble cell. The outer layer is a biaxially orientated polypropylene film. the seal tape is made from hot melt glue with a P.P film for backing paper. The envelope is a new and exciting innovation product that is by far superior to Kraft padded bags that exist in the open market today.

Welcome for OEM business for any size.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 07 July, 2006.